No Touch Forehead Thermometer

The Braun No touch + touch thermometer with Age Precision® is a forehead thermometer featuring the patented Age Precision® technology – an age-adjustable fever guidance which helps you to take the guesswork out of interpreting the temperature. It allows for quick and easy measurement for the whole family in both no touch and touch mode.

  • NO TOUCH MODE: Great for taking temperature without all the inconvenience of classic digital thermometers
  • TOUCH MODE: Designed for the whole family – from baby to adult- and convenient for self-measurement
  • 2-SECOND READINGS: Quick and easy measurements in a couple of seconds. 2 AAA batteries included, 3 year warranty.
  • UNIQUE ON-SCREEN POSITIONING SYSTEM: Confirms proper distance for taking a temperature and gentle guidance light directs you for accurate aiming.

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