Dreambaby - Giant Stroller Hook, for Strollers, Hanging Purses, Bags & More

Always be prepared with the Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® EZY-Fit Giant Stroller Hook. This hook allows you to take all your must have items with your wherever you bring your stroller.

  • NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING AT HOME: Perfect for hanging purses, totes, or shopping bags from a trip to the store.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Uses strong hook and loop closure to attach to your stroller. This allows it to accommodate different angles and sizes perfectly, so no matter what stroller you have, the hook is for you
  • GIANT SIZE: Holds all kinds of things, from bags, keys to umbrellas
  • WAVY DESIGN: The wavy base helps hold the bags in place so they don’t slide around
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Made of strong, lightweight aluminum. Designed to simply fit onto stroller handle bars. Fully adjustable. Also suitable for most wheelchairs, shopping carts, walkers, and more

·Always ensure not to overload stroller so that stroller does not tip over

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